The Braves of Britannia1 (English ver.)

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BRITANNIAの勇者たち The Braves of Britannia(English ver.)

The Braves of Britannia vol.1
(Axedoor’s journal #1)

For the first time, Axedoor stepped into the world of Britannia.
Her adventure just began..

Axedoor:”hmm… All these people are playing from around the world…”
She was thrilled to be in unguarded area.
During her adventure, she greets a group of people around a camp fire.
On the way back to the town after a wonderful trip…..

Axedoor:”I heard there are many murderers and thieves outside… but it is so peaceful”

<-- The group she just met a while ago.

Britannia – Where relaxation means death.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.2
(Axedoor’s journal #2)

mick, the cat she found in the town….
She succeeds on taming the cat, and decides to travel together.

Axedoor:”Do you want to come with me?”

Connection Lost

The server went down and it time warped. It is before meeing mick.
Axedoor searches for mick for the second time.

Axedoor:”Hhiiiiiiiiii m mick!?”
Only strongs survives.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.3
(Yoich’s journal #1)

Bloodlust Lord Yoichi and Flee mage itch arenot very strong, but a very good combination.
Yoich:”Argg come out monsters!”
Itch:”I don’t like dungeons. Let’s go home. What would we do when PKs show up?”


They are not Roleplaying
But they do have unique characteristics.
Itch:”Please don’t follow meeeeee I am returning to the townnnn!”
Yoich”Hey don’t flee!!”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.4
(Yoich’s journal #2)

That day, there were many monsters in the dungeon.
The number, easly 60 to 70s.
(It is safe where they are standing)

Itch:”If we get surrounded by them, we sure will die”

Itch:”Y Yoich!!?”

Yoich was eaten alive by monsters.
Why this happend, itch was clueless.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.5
(Yoich’s journal #3)

In the dungeon “Hythloth”
Bloodlust Lord Yoich was killed by a daemon.
Itch:”Yoichi died again.He should think a bit more”

Itch:”Buuuut since I can cast Ressurection,”
(Different Daemon)
Itch:”How can I say? Even if Yoich dies, I should stay alive…”

Even though he is a Flee mage, he dies at the end.
Though both of them died, itch feels Yoich had more fun than he did.
Itch:”Bwaaa I died”
Yoich:”What are we going to do you moron!”
(Both of them are ghosts)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.6
(Yoich’s journal #4)

This time, Bloodlust Lord Yoich says they are going to kill a dragon.
Flee mage itch refuses to go.
Yoich:”C’mon lets go”
Itch:”NO NO We can’t win against a dragon”

Yoich:”Don’t worry. I have an awesome tactics”
Itch:”Uh… a tactics?”

10 minutes later…

What was the tactics Bloodlust Lord Yoich had planned?
Now, it really doesn’t matter.
Itch:”Bwaaa we died again”
Yoich:”Shut up”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.7
(Turia’s journal #1)

Turia was going to say good-bye to Britannia
Because she found another network game (StarCraft).

Turia:”Farewell Britannia.Thank you for all the fun”

Since she was going to quit, she was ready to become a PK
So she heads to a dungeon.

Turia:”Ohhh yeah there are a bunch of newbies”

“Everybody watch out!” (They sure look like newbies)
Turia:”Now who shall I kill….”

<----A poisoness snake Turia:"Hm?"
She was bitten by a snake
Because of the poison, her life was in danger….. (To be continued)

Turia:”Awww hang on guys…I will kill you all soon…”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.8
(Turia’s journal #2)

Since she was going to quit, she was going to PK for the last time
But she was bitten by a snake and her life was in danger.

“Everyone she is poisoned!”


“Hang on adventurer. I will cast Cure on you!”
“I’ll find a potion!”

The mage failed many times to cast Cure
They probably bought the cure potion with their little savings.

“Ahh you are safe now”
“Good thing we could save your life”

There still are many nice people in Britannia
Turia was ashamed of herself for trying to PK them.

“Watch out for poison”

Turia:”Thank you”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.9
(Yoich’s journal #5)

A recall rune you buy from people you do not know
can be dangerus since you do not know where you will recall into.

Yoich:”Its probably okay. I will use it and see”

It was in a dungeon
with many PKs surrounding him.


Since he was going to die anyway
Bloodlust Lord Yoich decides to drop one of them.



“Wh what the….”
“Get him!”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.10
(Yoich’s journal #6)
One failier means nothing to Bloodlust Lord Yoich.
Yoich:”Ahh that was aweful. Its probably safe this time”
It was the top of bank, where only magics can let you down.
Yoich was out of reagents then.
Since he can’t get down there anyway
Bloodlust Lord Yoich decides to drop the guy standing next to him.
(*This really happend)



“Wh what the!?”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.11
(tao’s journal #1)

tao was born as a Blacksmith hoping to become a GM Blacksmith someday.
Since she does not fight, she is in her newbie cloth.
Because her newbie outfit PKs don’t attack her that often.

“sup 2 thee”

And because of that

“Hello there”
“Go away PKs friend”

“You murderer”

tao wonders if she should wear some armors.

“I am not a murderer!”
“Shut up Chinese pk!”
“I am not Chinese. I am Japanese!”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.12
(tao’s journal #2)

Because she is a smithy players ask her to fix their armor.

“Can you fix my armor”
“Yes hang on”
“Is mine done?”
“It will be fixed soon”

But sometimes, it gets really busy.

“Here you go”
“Mine next, please”

“Hey you, mine is next”
“Please, don’t fight”

She doesn’t make any money fixing armors…
tao(‘s player) wondered why she is doing this.

“Mine is first!”
“Nay, mine is first. Isn’t it tao?”
“I DON’T KNOW!!!!”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.13
(tao’s journal #3)

tao finally build her own house


(Houses are really expensive)

That day, she found a bag full of itmes near a town.

“Whoa… A treasure box and golds…”

When you are carrying a house key You should be more careful.

“Ah what a luck. Its mine now Thank you god”

A trapped box

“Ahhhh my house key… He is taking it away….”
(the person who trapped the box)

Life isn’t so easy (to be continued)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.14
(tao’s journal #4)

Just in case the box trappers decides to visit her house
She waits in full plate.

“I will kill him”
“I’ll kill him and get my key back”

tao wasn’t calm then

“Mm!? He is here!?”
“tao, can you fix my armo….”
(tao’s friend Yanagii)

The trapper never came… Yanagii was killed over nothing.

“Bwaaaa Yanagiiiiii So sooorrryyy”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.15
(tao’s journal #5)

tao decides to have a pet cat in her house. Her name “Suzunosuke”


One day….

“Yo tao can you fix my armor”
“Hello Yoich, welcome to my house”

“Su.. SUZUUUU!!!?”

“Yo Yoich.. You didn’t you couldn’t…”
“Oh? Oh yeah it was tasty”

Later, tao killed Yoich

I mean, she really killed him

“How could you!!!”