The Braves of Britannia2 (English ver.)

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BRITANNIAの勇者たち The Braves of Britannia(English ver.)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.16
(Hakase’s journal #1)

Master Alchemist “Hakase”

“itch come here”

Master Alchemist can make Healing, Poison, and Explosive potions.

“What is it hakase?”
“Drink this for me”
“Drink ORANGE first then GREEN”

“Green is poison, and orange is cure”
“As soon as you find out the effect of the poison, drink cure”

“Like I said… drink GREEN then ORANGE…. itch?”
“Are you listening to me itch?”

He is a bit senile.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.17
(Saich’s journal #1)

One day, while walking on the beach, Saich finds a boat.
No owner can be found.

He was going to borrow the boat for a while and return,
but he didn’t know how to control the boat and it sails away.

“Turbulent water sir!!”

Next thing he knew, he was on an island.
The boat was gone too.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.18
(Saich’s journal #2)

Saich starts to live on the island himself
Saich starts to fish.
This is one of those accidents that can be fun.

Day 2

Day 3

Because nothing happens and nobody comes to rescue, he calls a GM
(GMs are UO Staff who will assis you in case of truble)

“I will take you back to a town, so don’t cry?”

Living by himself on a small island in Britannia was not that exciting.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.19
(Axedoor’s journal #3)

Because UltimaOnline is a very international game, the base language is English

“Hey gimme some money (English)”

And Axedoor cannot speak English very well.


“Oh thx”

He doesn’t speak Japanese

“I am writing about you on my book. hehe”

And his random actions confused her (to be continued)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.20
(Axedoor’s journal #4)

The man gave Axedoor the book he wrote…

“Here you go. Please read”
“Uhmm thank you..”

“Written by Lord Emporor Soul… Forrest of Indians….?”
(She can read a little)
“Whats this? There are nothing about me….”

“Uhm.. this book..”
“Oh.. I’m late for school.”

Lord Emporor Sould (It said “Emporor”)

“See ya. bye!”

If you find him, ask him to write a book for you.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.21
(Saich’s journal #3)

Saich likes to pick up items on ground

“Saich it looks heavy. Do you want me to carry some for you?”

He really picks anything that’s on the ground.

Ore, fur…


a head of a player, a log, a rib cage, a bottle


This is the way Saich lives in Britannia

“Sa Saich I think you should get rid of some of them….”
“Uhm.. never mind. Nothing”

itch couldn’t say anything more.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.22
(Axedoor’s journal #5)

One day, Axedoor was killed by PKs.

“Ooooh I was killed again.
(Ghosts cannot be seen by other players)
“Oh here comes somebody”

“Sa Saich!!?”


“What do you mean ‘Hmm’…”


The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.23
(Yoich’s journal #7)

Bloodlust Lord Yoich and Flee Mage itch in a dungeon.

“There is a Poison Elemental over there”
“Don’t open the door!”
(Poison Elemental, a really tough monster)

“There is a Poison Elemental?”
“Yeah. He is really deadly”

“So don’t open the door until we have more people….”

In a way, Yoich is a PK


itch felt it so then.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.24
(Hakase’s journal #2)

itch and Hakase in a house

“itch itch come here”

“Hey itch”
(*itch’s player is reading a comic and not paying attention to the montior)

(Explotion potions)

“itch you should listen”
“to old men”
“Yes, yes I understand now!!”

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.25
(tao’s journal #6)

tao finally bought a large smithy.
(*Large Blacksmith is very expensive)

“Oh its my neighbor”
“Hello there!”

thp thp thp

The next door neighbor was the house of PK guild “P’s”

“Come out!!”
“Who said you can build it here!!!”

Her first visitor was blood thursty.(To be continued)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.26
(tao’s journal #7)
tao moved next to the PK guild “P’s”…..

“Uhmm since we are neighbors.. can’t we get along…?”
“Shut up! I will kill you come out!”
“Hey hold on!”

“She is a GM Smith”
(When you become a GM, other people can see your title)


She felt PKers life must be tough

“Fix my armor!”
“Mine too!”
“I won’t hurt you so fix my stuff!!”

And at the same time, tao thanked her GM Smith title.(To be contineud)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.27
(tao’s journal #8)

Even though they are PKers, they aren’t that bad of people when you get to know them.
tao was reliefed.

“Hey can I test shoot this?”



Though they are violent, she felt she can live with them.

“Ahahahahha took out 37”
“That’s pretty good hehehhehhe”

Rather, she felt she has to get along with them.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.28
(tao’s journal #9)

Bloodlust Lord Yoich came visit tao’s new house

“Hey tao. That guy has been standing there for a while”

“I’ll get rid of him”
“Leave him alone”

A few minutes later

“Sheesh he took off”
“Oh welcome back”

“And he stole my key”
“WHAT YOU STUPID MORON!”(To be continued)

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.29
(tao’s journal #10)

The guy who stole the key to the house
seems to hate the PK guild who lives next to her.

“Please will you return my house key?”
“Shut up you are a friend of P’s”

“I maybe a friend but I am not a PK….!!?”
“Shut up you murderer!”
“I am going to kill all P’s friends”

“Ahhh you killed him…”
“Now I am a murderer too…”
“Well its too bad, but its his fault”

I will kill Yoich and kill myself.
tao was really going to kill Yoich.

“Yoich… If… if you are never here….”
“Suzunosuke didn’t have to die either….”