The Braves of Britannia3 (English ver.)


The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.30
(Itch’s journal #1)

Today, they are meeting up at the entracne of a dungeon

“Why meet up at place like here…”
“I wonder if Yoich and Tacky are here…”

itch is scared because there are many PKs at the entrance of a dungeon.

Vas Flam
Por Ort Grav

“hehe he took off”
“Hey itch its us” (Tacky, itch’s friend)

“itch its us….”

Flee Mage itch

“itch sorry, its us”
“Noooo leave me allooooneeeee”

Once he panics, he can’t even hit ALLNAMEs.

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.31
(Penchan’s journal #1)

When Penchan was starting out, Yoich took her to a dungeon.

“C’mon Penchan. Back me up!!”


“V Va Vas Flam”


Good job Penchan

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.32
(Penchan’s journal #2)

This time, Tacky took Penchan to a dungeon.
“C’mon Penchan, come here and practice your mace!”


“Wait Penchan…”
“Don’t hit me Pe….”

Go go Penchan

The Braves of BRITANNIA vol.33
(Penchan’s journal #3)

Penchan learned to cast EnergyBolt

“Penchan I heard you learned EnergyBolt? But today, you don’t have to use it. Just heal me, okay?”

Tacky was worried that Penchan will misfire again.

“Because I told Penchan a lot, she is quiet today…”

“C Co Corp..”

That’s too much Penchan

Alice’s Journal #1

In the middle of town one day…

“Hey, you!”

Tao: “Yes?”


An ingot. Made from mining and smelting with a lot of hard work.

Tao: “Huh? For me? Well, I already have some I mined myself, but…”

“Just take it!”

Alice the Grandmaster Thief

Alice: “You should be a little more careful about your backpack.”

Tao: “Huh? WHAT?!”

Her stealing skills are unsurpassed.

Alice’s Journal #2

Tao and Alice became friends.

Tao: “Hi Alice! How’s business?”

Alice: “Hi Tao!”

Alice: “Good, good. Here, I have some ingots for you.”

Tao: “T…that many?”

Tao: “You sure?”

Alice: “Yeah, go ahead.”

(Random guy: “Aaagh! I worked for three weeks to mine those ingots!”)

Alice: “I just stole ‘em anyway, so…”

It wasn’t like the ingots were dirty or anything, but Tao couldn’t quite convince herself of that.

Axedoor’s Journal #6

To make some money, Axedoor went to hunt in the forest, but…

“Hey you! Stop harassing that animal!”

“Don’t you feel sorry for it?”

Axedoor: “Huh?”

Axedoor: (Gah…more wierd foreigners) “But… if I don’t, how will I make any money?”

“What did you say?!”

“You’re doing it just because you want money?!”

Axedoor: “No! Not that! It’s-”

“Shut up! Don’t do such cruel things!”

Axedoor: “AAAGH!”

“You won’t get away with it!”

Axedoor: “… they…must have been… with Greenpeace…”

Axedoor couldn’t really puzzle out what had happened.

Axedoor #7

For three weeks, Axedoor did good deeds and worked on fame…

Axedoor: “Wow…that took forever, but now I finally have the shield I always wanted!”

…and finally had her Virtue Shield in hand.

However, there were two types of Virtue Shields…

“Dude, it’s a Chaos guy!”

“Get her!”

…and they are set up to be enemies of one another.

So, for example, if you’re just in the middle of town…

“Hey! Get back here!”

“You’re carrying a shield!”

You can be attacked, or even killed…

“What the hell? She’s got nothing worthwhile…”

…without even saying a word.

Axedoor #8

Even with what happened that day…

Axedoor: “I’ll just stick this in my pack without wearing it…at least it’ll be fun to look at.”

…Axedoor still wanted her Virtue Shield.”

Alice: “Tao! Hey!”

Tao: “A…Alice?”

Alice: “I stole something cool!”

Alice: “Ta dah! A Virtue Shield!”

Tao: “Wow!”
Some time later…

Tao: “Axedoor! Long time no se-… what’s wrong?”

Axedoor: *sniff* “Someone stole my shield!”

Alice’s Journal #3

When you make a living as a thief, like Alice…

“Hey! That’s the thief that’s always in town!”

“You’re right! She robbed me too!”

“Get her!”

…some people start to hold a grudge.

“Maybe she’ll learn her lesson now.”

“Woah, she had a nice sword. I’ll just be taking this.”

“Uuurrgh… ow ow ow…”

But regardless, even the difficult lifestyle of a thief is a possibility in Ultima Online.

“It’s Alice!”

-twang- *THWP*


Alice’s Journal #4

Before she steals from someone, Alice usually says the same thing…

Alice: “Wanna get robbed? Hehehe…”

“N…no way! Go away!”

…and usually gets the same sort of reply.

However, one day…

Alice: “Wanna get robbed? Hehehe…”

“Oooonly my heeeaaaart!”

Alice: “…”

Alice the Grandmaster Thief…

Alice: He’s so cool…

*tha-thump* *tha-thump*

…gets soft only when she hears such loving words.

Alice’s Journal #5

Alice: “He must be laying a trapped chest. Hrm… does anyone actually fall for that trick anymore?”

Alice: “Huh? He left! Maybe I’m wrong after all.”

Even though she knew it all along, she still opened it.

Alice: “Damnit!”

Trapped boxes have that kind of dangerous charm to them.

Itch #2

When Itch was a young mage…

Itch: “Oh, I got a rabbit this time.”

(Summoned animals are chosen randomly.)

…he worked on magery by practicing animal summoning.

“Hey you. Think you can summon a horse for me?”

Itch: “Ah, well, I’m not really sure if I can summon a horse or no-”

“I don’t care, just give it a shot, okay?”

“Stop being so half assed! Can’t you even summon a single horse?”


“No, a horse! A horse, damnit!”


“Damnit, I can’t ask you for anything! Just forget it.

Foreigners can sometimes be kind of harsh.

Yoich: “Hey Itch. Wanna go to a dungeo- what the hell are you doing?”

Baaaah. Oink oink…

Itch’s Journal #3

When Itch was a young mage, he finally learned how to cast a moongate…

Itch: “Ooooh, pretty…”

…but he generally wasn’t succesful.

“Hey, can you open a moongate to a dungeon for us?”

Itch: “Uh, well, I’m just learning so I’m not sure when I can, an-”

“That’s alright, we’ve been waiting forever.”


“Hey, hey. Still can’t do it? Are you really a mage?


“If we walked this woulda been faster.”


“Gah, just forget it.”

They really can be pretty harsh.

Yoich: “Hey Itch. Wanna go to a dungeon now-… are you still crying?!”

Yanagi’s Journal #1


Stretched out on the ground, surrounded by bread…

…seems Yanagi must have really liked bread.

Yanagi’s Journal #2

(In creepy, overly polite Japanese)

“Mr Yanagi? Would you like to join our guild?”

“Ah! Er, uh… no thank you. I’m fine. Just fine.”

“I am Terry. And thissss… is Duffin.”

“Wouldn’t you like to join our guild?”

Yanagi: “Uh…no thank you! No thank you!”

“Miss Axe? I am Terry!”

Axe: Oh god, wierd foreigners again…

“I am Duffin!”

(Robin writing at his desk.)

Yuck. A long time ago, these wierd foreigners kept stalking me like this on the road. I thought I was gunna get sick and pass out for almost an hour. Er, well anyway…

Zabby’s Journal #1

Zabby, Guildmaster of the guild “Silver Arms”…

Itch: “Wow! That’s a huge boat!”

“No kidding. Nice.”

…came up with an idea for her guild.

Just to see their happy faces, she worked long and hard…

…and eventually made the money necessary to buy a boat deed for her guild too.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

Zabby: “Oh, excuse me.”

Itch: “Your boat deed was stolen?!” (What was she doing carrying a deed around?)

“What a waste!”

Yoich: “Want me to kill him?”

Zabby’s Journal #2

“Man, Zabby really wanted to give us a ride in her boat, huh?”

Itch: “Hey, it’s Zabby!”

Itch: “You bought another boat? Let us see! Let us see!”

“Isn’t the ocean a long way away?”

Itch: “Uh, Zabby? The ocean is this way.”

“Zabby? This is the forest. Zabby?”

Mistaking it for the ocean, Zabby had placed the boat in a pond.

Itch: “Isn’t this a pond?”

“Woah, that’s amazing.”

Once a boat is placed like this there’s now way to get it out, either.

Yoich’s Journal #8

Because of this comic…

“Hey, it’s Yoich!”

“Woah, it is!”

…Yoich has gotten pretty famous.

“Rumors say he’s kind of a Bloodlust Lord.”

“First time I’ve seen him.”

“He looked like he was in a hurry.”




A swarm of hell hounds had been following Yoich, and the party was almost completely annihilated.

Alice #6

Grandmaster Thief Alice was determined.

Alice: “Stealing skill maxed. Can I finally do it?”

Alice: “Now!”

Alice: “I’ll steal… from a dragon!”

Alice decided that first of all…

Alice: “First, let’s find a dragon that’s already fighting someone…”

…she would come up with a better strategy.

Itch: “Y…Yoich?”

Zabby: “It’s a mysterious puzzle…”

Itch: “What on earth’s inside?”

“Who’s going to go in and see?”

A passage to a new land…

The Second Age Preview

Itch: “A new cave?!”

Alice: “What the hell is this?!”

New enemies…

And then…

New things awaited each of them.

Uncountable new situations and experiences.
“Welcome to our town.”

The Braves of Britannia…


“Food is… a heart…”

…new friends will take the stage. (Well, maybe.)

“Let me go too!”

Similar those added to the Braves of Britannia…
Tao: “Let’s GO!”

Look forward to it!

Tao: “Oooookay!”


[Sign]: “Away from home for a bit.”

The Braves of Britannia – The Second Age