The Braves of Britannia4 (English ver.)


Tao #11

There are lots of guards in the cities…

(Guards are controlled by the computer.)

…and if you do something bad, they’ll kill you.

One day, at the archery shop…

Tao: “I’m really not very good at this…”

…Tao was practicing her archery skill, however…


Tao: “Ah! I’m s… so sorry, I…”

Guard: “You shall regret thine actione, swine!”

Tao: “… no! Wait! It was an accident! I didn’t mea-”

“Guards,” the cruel execution machines…


…they don’t listen to any excuse.

Itch #4

Itch: “Uh, hello Tacky.”

Tacky: “Oh, Itch! Want some meat?”

Itch: “Sure, thanks. What’s the occasion?”

Tacky: “Well, a little while back, there was a horse in front of my door. It was in the way, so I killed it…but…”

Itch: *munch munch*

Tacky: “Anyway, I found out afterwards that it was Yoich’s horse Zetuei…”

Itch: *choke*

Itch: *cough* R…really?

Tacky: “Yup. So you’re my partner in crime now.”

Having known Yoich for so long, the first thing Itch thought about was not getting killed.

Penchan #4

One day, in the archery shop…

“Hey, you wanna buy some feathers?”

Penchan: “No thanks, I’m fine.”

“Well, how about sex?”

Penchan: *choke*

“I’m really very good so…”

“…sure you’ll be satisfied, and…”

“So, hurry up and get out of that cute dress, and…”

Run Penchan, run!

Tao #12

Tao never really went on many adventures…

Yoich: “Okay, let’s go!”

…so she was a little envious of the others.

One day, on her way back from a long trip to another town…

Tao: “Well hello, want to come along with me? Your name can be Eggie! …huh?”

Tao: “A…a ghost!”

(When you’re a ghost, all of your speech turns into O’s, so no one can understand you.)

Tao: “I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you’re saying…”

Somehow, they figured out a way to communicate.

Tao: “For ‘yes’ turn around to the right twice, and if you don’t turn, then…”

Finally, they decided to travel to town together.

Tao: “So, how did you die?”

Yoich: “Hrm?”

Tao: “Y…Yoich! Let’s make a group!”

Yoich: “Uh… well…”

It was Tao’s first time in a real group.

Tao #13

Tao was surrounded by PK’s, and about to die…

“WAIT! Don’t kill her!”

“Been awhile. I remember you.”

Tao: “Huh?”

“How’s your chicken?”

Tao: “Chicken?”
Tao had completely forgotten about Eggie…

Tao: “If I’m not mistaken, ‘chicken’ is English for… wait, he must have meant I was a coward…”

…so she didn’t understand him at all.

Alice #7

Alice speaks English a lot, so she has a lot of American friends…

“Hey Alice, sup?” (English)

Alice: “Hi!”

Alice: “What’s ‘sup?’ ”

“It’s short for ‘what’s up’. You know, ‘how’s it going?'”

“Hmm, you know what ‘WTF’ means?”

Alice: “Nope, what’s it mean?”

“It’s short for ‘what the fuck’.”

So, Alice tried it out…

Alice: “So, sup?”

“Well, I bought this cure scroll. Watch, if I read it…”


So, Alice tried out the other one…

Alice: “WTF?”

Gunboy #1

Even though he wears a scary orc mask…

Gunboy: “Here! Use this potion that we made!”

…Gunboy is a nice person.

Gunboy: “How was our potion?”

Yoich: “Well, it didn’t heal much, but thanks…”

Gunboy: “We’re sorry… We’re sorry. We’re a failure. We put you all in danger…”

Itch: “No no! You uh… you helped us out a lot! Right, guys?”

Gunboy: “…really?”

Gunboy: “Thank you! We will keep going from now on!”

Tacky: (that orc mask is kinda uh, scary…)

But he’s really a good person.

Gunboy #2

Gunboy is always nice to everyone he meets.

“P..Penchan! Here! We have something nice for you!”

(A brain.)

“Uh, and we also have…”

(A skull, some guy’s head…)

“And this too, and…”

Gunboy: “It’s okay, you don’t have to thank us…”

Itch: “NO IT ISN’T!”

Gunboy #3

Itch: “Hello Gunboy. What’s wrong?”

Gunboy: “The others said they were afraid of us…”

Gunboy: “We haven’t done anything wrong…”

Itch: “Anything wrong?”

Itch: “Well, of course, that mas-”

Gunboy: “Even though this perfectly nice orc mask…”

Gunboy: “What? Something you want to say, Itch?”

Itch: “Uh, nothing! Nothing!”

Gunboy #4

“Only one shall be the successor to inherit the mask!”

“You! How can you fight with that man!”

Counselor: “Lord British, what is the state of the city?”

British: “Well, to see if things are generally peaceful or not…”

“I am sorry everyone. I’ve been quiet, but we… no, ‘ I ‘…”

Tacky: “Well, hehehe, maybe it’s something like that.”

Itch: “Really? Lord British?”

Tacky: “Hehehe.”

Gunboy: “Hey everyone! What ya chatting about?”


On a trip to the new continent…

Tao: “Excuse me, but… which way to the city? Er, hello?”

“Hey you! There’s a PK here somewhere!”

Tao: “Huh? Er, I…”

“Don’t get involved!”


All of a sudden, Tao wondered if going to the new continent’s forge was such a good idea…

“Stop! Come back here!”

Tao #15

Tao went to hunt on the new continent.

“Hey you! I’m trying to tame that monster!”

Tao: “Oh, s…sorry!”

“I wonder if I can tame a monster like this…”


Tao: “It looks like he’s gunna die.”

Tao: “Watch out! Quick, run away!”



“I told you not to interfere! Not it looks like you’re gunna die!”


“But I went through all the troubl- AGH!”

Tao #16

“Yo, wanna practice archery?”

Tao: “Practice?”

“Yeah, we take turns firing at each other, and our skill will go up.”

Tao: “Isn’t that a little dangerous?”

“Nah! If we get in trouble we can heal.”


“So, wanna?”

“Uh, sure.”

Tao: “OW OW OW! Just a sec! OW! Wait, I’m gunna die…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll heal you now.”

Instead of healing her, he finished her off.

“Woah, nice armor…”

If Yoich was here, he would have said that being tricked like that is pretty stupid.

Tao #17

Tao came back to life in a far away town.

Tao: “How could you do that! I believed you! That’s pretty low!”

“I made a lotta money from selling your stuff. Thanks, babe!”

He didn’t even utter a word of apology.

Tao couldn’t think of a mean enough word to say in English.

Alice #8

On the Asuka server, Alice set her sights on crafting of trapped boxes.

Alice: “Heh, I wonder what I’ll catch this way…”

Alice: “Heh. I wonder who will decide to take it.”

One hour later…

Alice: “…”

Two hours later…

Alice: “Zzzzz…”

It seems being a trapped box PK takes an awful lot of patience.

Zabby #3

Zabby was fighting the spider people in a pretty dangerous place.

Zabby: I’m gunna have to get out of here soon

AAH! It’s Zabby! From the comic!

Zabby: Uh, hello.

It’s the REAL Zabby! Can I have your autograph?

Zabby: Uh, it kinda looks like I might die, soch

*sign sign*

gWEE! He signed my book!?h

Even though he died, Zabby was kind of happy.

Gunboy #5

Gunboy: “Come on in, Itch.”

Itch: “Sure! Woah… you collect a ton of stuff.”

Itch: “Wow, lots of ingots. You could smith a lot with all these.”

Gunboy: “Yeah. Blacksmithing is fun.”

Itch: “Really? Are you good at it?”

Gunboy: “Already a Grandmaster.”

Gunboy: “Oh. That’s my hobby.”

Itch: “R…really… h…hobby?”