The Braves of Britannia T2A (English ver.)


Cookie #1

Cookie making his first step heading for the new land.
His journey has just started.

(Inside dungeon, way to the new land.)

Since Cookie is a baby character, he’s very weak.

cookie:”W,way out!!”

Cookie managed to make the ‘First Step’ live on the new land.
(Though dead as coming out from the dungeon.)

Cookie #2

A passers-by casted Cookie a magic to revive.

Cookie:”Thank you Sir.How can I get to Town?”


(encounter with a foreign animal)

Passers-by:”…., then you go to…. Hey! are you listening?”
Cookie:”Oh! Ah, Err. W, wwhat?”

Cookie, the reptile-maniac, paid no attention to the direction to the town.

Cookie #3

Cookie arrived the first town in new land, “delucia”.
Wearing new hat and cloth he bought.

Cookie enjoys all the new experience on his way.

But all what magnetizes his eyes are the lovely foreign animal,

Cookie:”There’s even a blue ostard! So cute!”

Cookie #4

Cookie bumps into a kind person who offers an ostard.

Lady: “Yes. I have one extra.”

Lady:” Here you go.Call him Strider.
How about 1,000 gold to you?”

Cookie amazed with the shining gold Strider.

Cookie agost to see an Ostard.

Lady:”Sir? Is it expensive?Shall I give you discount?”
Cookie:”IT”S CHEAP!!!”
Lady: “O, okey. Plz. take care of him.”

1,000 gold is what all he had.

Cookie #5

First ride on Strider to the field.
It had been lonlely journey, but now he has a company.

Cookie:”Hyahoo! So fast! Go! Go! Strider!’

Cookie:”Oh! another Ostard!
Hey Strider, here’s your friend coming.”


Cookie:”Oh NO!”

Incredibly strong attack by the wild ostard.
Cookie could do nothing to help Strider being hunt.

Cookie:”S..sorry Strider…”

Cookie #6

Cookie back in town totally upset.

The Lady(former owner of Strider):”Oh? Hi! Cookie!”

Lady:”Hey How’s Strider? Are you feeding him alright?”

Lady:”??? Cookie?”

Lady:”Gosh! I,I’m sorry.”

Cookie #7

After the painful lost of Strider,
Cookie steps out from Delucia and goes
on his expedition toward Northern Swamp town.

cookie:”Farewell, Delucia. Farewell, Strider…”

Cookie won a battle with a monster on his way,
and finds that he can make a journey on his own.


Cookie:”! Theif!”

Ellen: “Don’t be rude to me! I’m a healer.
So, you don’t wanna get healed?”

A girl with red hair in a plain brown robe.
Encounter with a poor looking healer, Ellen.

Cookie #8

A huge flock of monster surronded Cookie and Ellen
on their way to the Northen town.

Cookie: “Ellen! T..too many enemies!”
Ellen: “You damn right, Cookie.”

Ellen:”Ah Warp Gate”
Cookie:”B.but we never sure where we’ll get warped.”

Ellen:”You wanna die or what? Com’on!”

Cookie:”Where are we?”
Ellen:”Seems like.. the swamp town. we made it to our destination”

Cookie #9

At Papua, in the Swamp town. Bamp into giant todds.

Cookie: “Wow, they’re so huge! can we ride on them after taming?”
Ellen: “donna”


Cookie:”Another frog! over there!”

(Cookie is the amphibians-freak, as well as reputiles)

Ellen: “DO NOT MOVE!!”(in capital letter)

Cookie cannnot oppose to a tough woman like her,
from his boyhood memory:has been bullied by his elder sisters.

Ellen: “If you move, I cannot wrap you with bandages.”
Cookie:”yes, m’am”(scared..)

Cookie #10

Making a tour to the lava dungeon with people met on the way.

Warrior:” Hell! too many enemies! Escape! everyone!”
Cookie:”Oh! w.w.wait f.for me!”
Ellen: “Cookie, com’on”



Cookie left alone with countless lava lizard wide open
their mouth all targetting him.

Cookie #11

Cookie somehow has been rescued.

Warrior: “R U all right? dude?”
Cookie:”I, i think so.”
Ellen: “Good on you.”

Cookie:”Well, it was a fun today. I am…”
Warrior: “Wm? you going to sleep?”

Warrior: “OK, then get back through this gate.”
Cookie:”Mm? O, OK”

Warrior: “You go to sleep, after beating this guy.hehe”

It was about 03:00 am.
and cookie was so sure that he could not go to sleep right away.

Cookie #12

Cookie and his company are in tremendous danger
with all kinds of monsters surrounding them.

Cookie:”Bring up the warp gate! Hurry!”
Warrior: “Too early for that, baby. hehehe”

Cookie:”We all go dead anytime!”
Warrior: “What? Cookie, cowared aren’t ya”
Ellen: “…”

Ellen:”AHA HA HA HA HA HA”(capital letter)

Warrior: “Here’s the gate. Let’s get out of here guys!”

Ellen kept laughing in capital letter for a while.
That scared me more than monsters..

Cookie #13

Cookie goes on hunitng alone.

Cookie:”I’m starving…”

Cookie: “Sir, would you plz. give me any of your food?”
A Kind man:”Sure. No prob.”

Humanity, it’s always the best part of this Net Game.

Cookie: “Oh! Sir. Plz. receive this in return…”

Cookie: “Here you go.. …”

Causing unpredictable trouble to the others is a typical tragedy to the netgames…

Cookie #14

Cookie under a chase by an ophidian in the maze of woods.

Cookie: “Aggggggggghh”

Cookie finds a piece of meet on one side.

Cookie:”I took the right-hand side path on my way,
but there’s a piece of meet on left side..”

Cookie finds himself stacked in a dead-end.

Cookie:”C,c,can I set a fire?”

Cookie is desperate for a meet, even before going dead.

Cookie #15
Cookie doesn’t know very much English


Cookie: Sorry, but, a little easier, please
Cookie: ah, I need to study more English

Hello! (Japanese)

Cookie: Hello

Cookie: ….

Cookie: H hello?

Yes, hello!

Teria was the first Japanese person he had met in Britannia.

Cookie: Hello!

Hello Cookie!

Cookie: ? Hello!


Cookie was ecstatic.

Cookie was ecstatic.

Cookie #16

They decided to go and see the Terathons with Teria?fs friend Sabamiso.

Sabamiso: Terathons? Those guys are tough.

Cookie: Really??

Sabamiso: Well, there’s weaker varieties of them too, right

Cookie: Ah (phew)

Sabamiso: The dungeon isn’t far from town, so don’t worry!

Cookie: If you say so!

Sabamiso: Alright, let’s go!

Teria: Here you go!

Sabamiso: Well, this is pretty far in

Cookie: oh…

Cookie #17

Cookie’s group was surrounded, deep inside the Terathon castle.

Cookie: I it’s a dead end!

Sabamiso: Don’t worry. Go towards the fire!

Cookie: The fire? This thing?

Huh? Where am I..?

(To be continued.)

Cookie #18

Cookie: Woooooaaaaaaah!!?

Cookie couldn’t believe his eyes.

Pretty cool, huh.

This truly was the end of the world.

Cookie: Maybe even the world where we live

Cookie: Perhaps it was made by someone too.

Sabamiso: Yeah, maybe…